Diary of Upcoming Events

To advertise any upcoming events on this page, please email: website@orwellportmoakchurch.org.uk

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP        - Portmoak Church at 10.00am

                                                           - Orwell Church at 11.30am

SUNDAY EVENING WORSHIP          - 2nd Sunday of the month at 6.30pm

                                                              in Orwell Church Hall

                                                          -  last Sunday of the month at 6.30pm

                                                              in Kinross Parish Church


ALL-AGE JOINT SERVICES              - 1st Sunday of every month at

                                                             10.30am, alternating between

                                                             Orwell Church and Portmoak


THE GUILD - Alternate Tuesday evenings

PRAYERS IN PORTMOAK NEW ROOM - Thursdays at 9.00am

                                                                - Sundays at 9.30am


                                                     - Sundays at 11am

CARE HOME SERVICE - Ashley House Care Home: First Thursday of

                                        every month at 2.30pm

Orwell and Portmoak Parish Church
Worshipping God, Proclaiming Christ, Serving the Community

April 2018

       Saturday 28th

        4pm to 6pm: Messy Church, in Orwell Church Hall


May 2018

        Sunday 5th

        10.30am: All Age Joint Worship Service in Orwell Church

        (no service at Portmoak this week)

       Saturday 26th

        4pm to 6pm: Messy Church, in Portmoak Hall